So what is table magic?

Micro-magic or close-up magic or table magic is magic performed in an intimate setting usually no more than ten feet (three metres) from the audience and is often performed while sitting at a table. This usually is small groups of people ranging from one on one to a group of 6 to 12 people. The vast majority of magicians around the world are micro-magicians or close-up magicians. Where can it be performed? Close-up magic can be used anywhere the client wants an event. It is very versatile and goes with almost any event.

Thanks for your appearance on Friday, you were fab!! our guests loved your tricks and are still talking about them to this day…both children and adults enjoyed your wide variety of tricks and a fair few of our friends asked for your details to use in the future…thanks once again and we will be definitely seeing you again!

Many thanks

Jen & Lee

Birthdays and special occasions

Kris can perform magic while the guests arrive at the event while you greet your guests. One of the most common ways is to perform throughout the courses of a sit down meal. Or just plain hopping from table to table entertaining your guests at a restaurant you have booked. Even the bar area is a great place to perform as watching while waiting to get served works very well on busy occasions.

Hi Kris,

We all had a fantastic evening which was made all the more memorable by you and your magic tricks! You amazed us all!

Kris' table magic is the perfect icebreaker and party starter for most events.

Magic works very well at christenings after the church ceremony. Magic can make birthday parties at home make it something to remember. It is a must for the gala dinner of a charity event and sometimes goes down well at works Christmas events.

Anniversaries are always something you should remember so why not have Kris perform something magical that involves you both? Special occasions can be anything from Bonfire Night party at an elderly home to a Halloween party at a family’s address.

Restaurant Magic is what Kris loves, and performs these similar to weddings in between courses for families and couples. Charity events are great and he always has fun at these. Prom night’s work well as it is something special and something extra for everyone to remember while it might be the last time they see their school friends. Christmas celebrations are a very busy time for Kris with work parties and restaurants. Hen and Stag parties are becoming more common to book a magician as everyone gets ready before they hit town! New Year’s Eve is a great time for celebrating and magic whatever your doing.

Hi Kris
Just to say thank you for making Jason's 21st magical.  Everyone said how much they enjoyed the magic and the show well done and thanks again.
kind regards

What is a Table Magician?

A table magician wanders around from table to table performing a small routine of a handful of magic effects which is a great way to astound your guests and be a noticeable host! Kris' table magic will make the party such a memorable event that people will chat about it for years to come. Whilst guests are standing around during the drinks reception, he performs his table magic in “Mix and Mingle” conditions, strolling amongst the guests.

During dinner, he makes sure everyone is entertained by performing around the tables in between courses. The table magic Kris performs can include coins, cards or borrowed objects from the audience. As a table magician, Kris delights his audiences with his own comedy banter.

Hi Kris – just to say thank you for last night, everyone loved it and people were talking about it until the very end of the night! Steve's dad has already requested you for his 80th! Great stuff, thanks again!


 Do you need tables at your event for table magic?

Definitely not! Kris’ table magic is versatile and can mingle just about anywhere you choose either at a reception as the guests arrive or at the bar while waiting to be served. Kris can perform unbelievable effects just about anywhere.

Kris' magic is up to date and he can perform the latest mind blowing effects that you see on the television, you just have to see it to believe it!

Magic Kris has a guarantee like no other: Astonishment comes as standard.

For more details call Kris on 07908799729 or email to discuss your magical entertainment requirements.